Maximize the Health Benefits of Fruit Consumption: Avoid These Common Mistakes

Fruit consumption plays a crucial role in achieving optimal health, and being aware of the correct methods can help you maximize the benefits they offer. Are you eating your fruits wrong? Avoid these mistakes to reap maximum health benefits. Packed with various nutrients, fruits are an essential part of a balanced diet and provide multiple health benefits, including reducing blood pressure and cholesterol, and maintaining a healthy body weight. But do you know the way you consume fruits impacts their absorption in the body? Neha Ranglani, an integrated health coach, took to Instagram to address the issue and suggest the right way to eat fruits for maximum health benefits.

Traditional Fruit Consumption Habits versus Modern Practices

As per the expert, our ancestors did not have a variety of foods, and hence the way they ate their fruit was different. “They ate fruits as their breakfast or in between meals,” wrote Neha in her Instagram post.

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Avoid These Common Mistakes for Maximum Nutritional Gain

As per the expert, milk and fruits have different nutrient compositions, and the time required for their digestion is also different. Fruits get digested faster as compared to milk, and when we mix them, we actually allow the fruit sugar to ferment in the gut leading to gas, bloating, and other gut-related issues. “Sorry to say that your favorite fruit milkshake could be a slow poison for your body,” said Neha in her post. It’s important to be mindful of this aspect of fruit consumption and avoid the mistake of mixing fruits with milk to ensure maximum nutritional gain.

As a dessert or along with meals

You must have seen people eating fruits as a dessert or along with the meal, but according to Neha, it is not a healthy habit; it is only going to up the sugar load on your body and converts it faster into fat, which then sits in your gut longer, again creating gut-related problems. Warning people who love having mangoes post meals, Neha suggested to “eat mangoes at a different time to reap all its benefits.”

Late-night snack

Those who think eating fruits to satiate late-night cravings is healthy need to know that it is not. As per Neha, at night, your body doesn’t need the sugars from the fruit because you are not active. “All your body wants at night is to get rest and repair and not to process any food. The sugars from the fruit will only get stored in your body as fat, and I’m sure you don’t want that,” said Neha.


Considering it to be healthy, people prefer having juice due to convenience. However, fruit and fruit juice are not the same thing. While fruit is a wholesome food loaded with nutrients and fiber, fruit juice is completely stripped of the most important component of the fruit, which is fiber. “Without the fiber, fruit sugar is directly absorbed into your bloodstream and is taken into the liver, and this excessive sugar is then converted into fat,” said Neha.

Unlocking the Secrets to Optimal Fruit Consumption

To fully optimize the health benefits of fruits, it’s essential to adopt healthier fruit consumption practices. Neha Ranglani’s expertise provides valuable guidance on transforming your fruit-eating habits for enhanced well-being:

  1. Consume fruits as part of breakfast or between meals, mirroring the practices of our ancestors. This ensures better utilization of nutrients and maximizes their benefits.
  2. Avoid mixing fruits with milk to prevent fermentation and digestive issues. Enjoy them separately to maintain optimal health.
  3. Consume fruits separately from your main meals and avoid consuming them as desserts. This prevents excess sugar load and minimizes fat conversion.
  4. Refrain from consuming fruits as late-night snacks. Allow your body to rest and repair without the additional burden of processing food, ultimately avoiding fat storage.
  5. Instead of relying solely on fruit juices, prioritize whole fruits. The fiber present in whole fruits aids in regulating sugar absorption and prevents excessive fat accumulation.

By adopting these recommended fruit consumption practices, you can unlock the true potential of fruits and harness their maximum health benefits. Embrace these changes and experience a healthier and more vibrant life.

In conclusion

By avoiding common mistakes such as mixing fruits with milk, consuming them as desserts or alongside meals, snacking on fruits late at night, and relying solely on fruit juices, we can optimize the health benefits of fruits. Following the expert advice of Neha Ranglani to consume fruits as part of breakfast or between meals and prioritize whole fruits over processed juices will ensure maximum nutrient absorption and prevent unnecessary fat storage. Let’s make conscious choices when it comes to fruit consumption and reap the incredible benefits they offer for our overall well-being.

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